Ceremony Flowers

Wedding ceremony flowers are often the most visible flowers to people attending the ceremony. Because of the variety of locations for wedding ceremonies each with special characteristics, allow your site to help drive your floral decisions. A few basic recommendations from our experience:

  • Some churches are so lavishly decorated themselves they only need a few strategically placed arrangements.
  • If the ceremony is inside a building, ask if there are restrictions on certain flowers being brought into the building.
  • Outdoor garden weddings should work with the flower and greenery that are around you.
  • Keep the focal points for your ceremony flowers near the bride and groom.

Aisle pews can be marked with candles, flowers or ribbons for both functionality and aesthetics. Points to consider:

  • Know the colors of the seating/pews, carpeting, glass windows, etc. before selecting flower colors.
  • Aisle flowers will often be out in the open the longest, so choose hardy flowers.
  • Some flowers, while beautiful, have odors, such as Allium (which smells like onions).

To keep aisle flowers within a budget, you can choose to decorate aisles reserved for family or you can decorate every second or third aisle.

Altar flowers are perhaps the most visible flowers of the ceremony. However, most ceremonies last 30 minutes or less, so consider where to budget your flowers. Receptions last several hours which means more hours of visually-appealing flowers. Here are several suggestions from our experience:

  • Larger flower blooms are easier to see from the rear of the seating area.
  • Select flowers and arrangements that can be easily transported and used in the reception area.
  • Use greens and other inexpensive flowers with height and volume to reduce costs. Ferns, baby’s breath and carnations are just a few options that look great in larger amounts.

Wedding arches are a wonderful way to add “wow” to an outdoor wedding situated in a garden, a park or a yard.

A basic white, metal wedding arch can also be found at a local craft store for $20-$50. How to decorate the wedding arch depends on your wedding’s style, colors and budget.

Fabrics such as tulle or organza can be pulled through the arch and draped to create various effects. Sashas, garlands and various arrangements of flowers can then be added.

A full floral wedding flower arch incorporates a mixture of greens with beautiful blooms. As mentioned elsewhere, we recommend choosing at least one flower as a theme throughout your wedding, which can be incorporated into the wedding arch.

Other ceremony flowers worthy of consideration include:

  • Flower petals along the aisles
  • Floral bows or garlands for pews
  • Arrangements for places people may congregate in the building while waiting for the ceremony
  • Arrangements used in photographs outdoors, such as garlands, petals and urns

Daly Flower Affair can help you design a beautiful floral theme to fit within your budget. Give a call today for a complimentary consultation.


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