Bridal Bouquets

fall bouquet with calla liliesYour bridal bouquet is the one collection of flowers that will most express the beauty and joy you are feeling on your wedding day. The flowers in your bouquet will make the most lasting impressions on your guests as you walk down the aisle, and the look and scent of these flowers will forever remind you and your groom of your fondest wedding memories. So take some time to think about what you want your bouquet to express about you on your special day. After all, your bouquet is the signature accessory you will carry down the aisle when all eyes are on you, and it will also appear in all the photos. The style of dress you are wearing and the overall tone of the wedding will help you determine the type of bouquet and selection of flowers you should carry. Below is a list of various types of bouquets.

  • Cascade: A traditional, full- flowing bouquet with long stemmed flowers extended out to create a waterfall technique.
  • Nosegay: A round bouquet with densely packed flowers.
  • Biedermeier: A round bouquet tightly composed of expanding rings of individual flowers or colors.
  • Crescent: An arched bouquet featuring several full flowers with trailing flowered stems on both sides to form a crescent shape.
  • Hand-tied: A natural bouquet of flowers tied together with ribbons. Often the stems are left showing.


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